Cobra WT56B (LM073), Walk Behind String Trim Mower, 159 cc OHV Powermore Engine, 22" Cut, .155" Line On Adjustable Head, 14" back wheel Made in U.K
5 Position Height Adjustment, 14" x 2" Ball Bearing Wheels, Folding Handle, Fully Assembled, 2 Year Limited Warranty. 
Let us learn how to repair and maintenance the Remington machine. Replace v-belt, clutch 'cable, springs, pulleys, bracket'  etc...
getting the machine ready for use next time.
Do you know the difference between the Cobra & the Field Edge Earth Quake
They both have the same designed as far as the machine's body and frame. Parts /Components used outside and inside these machines are almost the same.
The Remington has black color, the Cub Cadet is yellow. They both used 159 CC engines, even though their engines have difference brands.

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