Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Install Awesome Wheel attachment / adapter onto the wheeled line trimmer walk behind machines.
This is an Initial installation of the Awesome Wheel. You only need to do the installation one time and never again have to do this.
Later on as you wish you can remove or install Awesome Wheel with ease and fast in just a few minutes.
Follow below steps.

 Hood Removedinstall the hood
Remove the screw &  the hood 
remove right side screwsremove left side screws
                                                            Remove screws 2 from each side
remove spin-shaft-guardremove lines-plate
                                   Remove spin-guard & lines-plate away from spin-shaft
Remove screws - replace with boltsRepacement Bolts
                                                                   Remove original screws
                          Replace with 1/2" - 1" 1/4 long bolts with washers & lock nuts

remove old screws replace new bolts - One At A Time
Remember Remove & Replace Bolts
One At A Time
install screws on left & right sidesinstall screws on left & right sides
install the hood
install awesome wheel plate install the replacement lines plate
Installation completed
Awesome Wheel - 3/16 Aluminum attachment plate - 5" caster swivel wheelAwesome_Wheel completed
Completed initial installation of Awesome Wheel.
To remove Awesome Wheem attachment
To install Awesome Wheel attacment

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