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Since I bought the Craftsman walk behind string trimmer machine, I have so much issues with it as it is so hard to operate this machine.
I have to constantly pushing down on the handle bar to raise the spin-cup above the ground to be able to move forward or backward while trimming.
I also have to constantly balance the machine on its two back wheels, especially on the uneven ground, over bumps, etc...
After a short time, I felt like not want to trim any longer.

I was so disappointed as it is a brand new machine, it looks and seems to be awesome machine, until I use it and find out that; I need to make or come up with,
some kind of ad don or attachment to make these type of machines function better.

Yeah, after a fee minutes as I was looking at the machine, trying to figure out what can I do to make an add-on or attachment for it.
To make it easy to handle and balance during trimming.

I came up with a awesome idea, an Attachment plate with a 5" caster swivel wheel which can be attached to the attachment plate.
The Attachment Plate is attached to the bottom frame of the machine with bolts.

The attachment plate is an Aluminum plate which is 24" height x 16" width x 3/16" thickness.
Also comes in 24" height x 16" width x 3/6" thickness
Beside Aluminum plate, we also have Steel, Stainless Steel, or Plexiglass. You can choose thickness between 3/16" or 1/2".

Thanks to the Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate which make trimming so easy and you can achieve much more work for the same amount of time.
You can even use one hand to do your job, much less effort while trimming, also less pain.
The spin-cub is always stay above the ground, which protecting it from damage.
See how low it cut and evenly it cuts. You can do even a 360 degree while trimming.

The Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate also making your machine framing very strong and rigid, so your machine will last much longer.

So far we have Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate for 16 of these brands/manufacturers wh producing these type of machines.
We notice that, there are a few more machines which we are trying to get our hands on them.

We also have articles & videos for learning how to repair & maintenance parts for these machines.

Find out the Pros & Cons of these machines before making decision which machine to buy.

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