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My son was visiting us and one day while Jesse was mowing the yard, after a little while we did not hear the machine running so we came out and check to see what is going on.
we saw Jesse was taking a brake, so we asked Jesse what is up? Jesse said, 'tired, trying to balance and mowing forward and having hard time, because the spin-head keep on getting,
stuck in the dirt and greeting tired. It was a brand new Craftsman and this is the 1st time Jesse fired the machine up. He is disappointed and went inside called it a day.
It was a big lot, more than 2 acres of land with a lot of holes and bumps.

My son Daniel said, this is lame designed, Daniel then said let modify the machine, put it on a additional wheel, make a 3rd wheel to balance the machine.
Me & my son start to come up with an idea.
We get a broom stick, with duct tape grasp around the broom stick to the top of the hood on the machine, we then tape a 4" caster wheel which we remove from our dolly, we attach it to the other end of the broom stick with duct tape.
We saw that the duct tape hold the broom stick and the caster wheel in place, so we try to mow toward to see how it works, we are on cement, not ground.
Awesome the machine now can move forward with a little effort and we only use a few fingers. Awesome no more pausing down on the handle to raise the pinhead up above the ground.
But only a few yards, the broom stick and the caster wheel falling apart as the duct tape can not hold the broom stick and the caster wheel in place.
After my son left home, I start to work on this project. I start searching on goggle to see if their is such an attachment ( 3rd wheel for the wheeled line trimmer machines). 

I found out there are 12 brands (companies manufacture these type of machines) we also found there is no such attachment or adapter to make the wheeled line trimmer machines, 
easier to work with.

I got excited and focus on develop my broom stick & caster wheel. I came up with a 18" height, 16" width and 3/16"  thick aluminum plate.
Me and my friend Anthony start to drill holes matching the holes patterns and location underneath the machine, try to mount our aluminum plate to the machine.

Awesome we found a way to do this, we found the four original screws ( 1/2" with 1" long ). The original screws was too short, we can't mount the aluminum plate.
We decide to remove the original screws with 1/2" bolts with washer and lock nuts. Bingo, it works perfect.
We then start to draw a 2D with all the measurements, locations of all the holes need to be cut.
We use a jig saw and circular saw to make the plate, it looks funny and not very precise location of the holes, it is very hard to get the exact location of the holes, it took us weeks, 
trying to get exact locations and measurements. We then installed the plate. Awesome it looks really good, it is really strong and we try on an acre, mowing so fast and easy, way less effort and less fighting to balance the machine. no more pushing down on the handle to raise the pinhead above the ground.

The machine is now on 3 wheels, awesome balance, we can mow forward or backward, even do a 360% spin while cutting, we can cut at the edge where the wall or fence meet the ground or around tree trunk.

After a few hours, we took the machine inside to check, we lost all the washer and nuts while mowing, because of the vibration from the machine. But the plate still hung on the machine.
We get washers and lock nuts and try the machine with out again. It work perfect.

Next day we went to town to a manufacture to find out how much it cost to make one plate. They charge us $199.00

So on the way back home, I was sad and depress, because it cost too much to produce it. Seem like my dream is gone.

But i did not give up, i try to save money and have one made by Aluminum 3/16 thick. I also had one made by Plexiglass 1/2 thick.

I have to pay so much I could not believe they charged me so much.

One day I went to builder Mart to get bolts & washer & lock nuts. There was a old men who looking at my truck decal & sticker ( Tasun Fishing Lure Retriever ) at the parking lot.
Went inside, about 1/2 hour later I went out to my truck, the old men is still there, but he is watching youtube video about Tasun. He asked me. Does it work?
I relied. Sir, It is money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. YES It Works Every time.
He said, let me have a couple, I do not have them in my truck, so I ask him to follow me to my home so I can sell them to him.
He bought 2 Tasun, gave me a $100.00 dollar bill, I told him wait, let me get change from my wife.He said no worry, keep the change. Wow that is $40.00 tip.

I continue working on my project, I felt so hopeless because I have no money. I asked and pray to God, what do I have to do, I continue praying so hard ask God for help or to give up my dream.

Next morning after my coffee, I felt strange and my mind keep winding about what I have to do, Like my creation so much, my wife and Jesse love the creation.

Then my guts starting crawling, i felt the acid in my stomach, anxiety approach me. out of the blue I felt the urge to call the old men, asking him to come over to visit.

After a short time talking with him, I show him my project, after a few minutes, he get excite and loves what I create. I ask him to invest.

He ask me how much money involve, I told him details about my plan, I want to by a CNC plasma & router to produce the product, save a lot of money and able to sell it at good price,

instead go outsource with manufacture.

Immediately he ask me how much and give me the money to file patent and bought the CNC plasma and router, also bought materials and complete tools to do the job.

I asked him why he help me, he point to to the sky and said. God told me to do this.

Awesome Wheel file for US Patent on Jun 22nd 2017 ---- Aweome Wheel open for Business on May 31st 2017 on Angela Birthday.

God Will Be Done and Come To Pass. Thanks for this Blessing from God. 


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