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Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate with 5" caster swivel wheel for the Walk Behind String Trimmers Machines

A walk-behind string trimmer is an effective tool for clearing grass and weeds from lawns, gardens and other areas, especially those with a large expanse of brush.
These machines are powerful and with available attachments, they can be adapted to all your trimming, thinning and clearing work year-round.
Check out various brands and models under our “Review Before Buying” tab on this website to find one that suits your needs.

You operate a walk-behind string trimmer much like a push lawn mower, but it is not easy.
They are heavy and difficult to maneuver, hard to balance on just two wheels and require constant downward pressure on the handlebars to move forward or backward.
Keeping them level and avoiding lawn scalping takes energy and skill. No doubt you will feel tired and frustrated in short order after using one of these machines.

We have a way to transform this cantankerous beast into a valued work companion!!!

(We’ll call it AWAP from here on)

The AWAP features a 5” detachable swivel wheel on a plate that can be added to any walk-behind string trimmer, gas or electric, all major brands and models on the market! We have a unique AWAP for each brand and model.  Our current designs are for models from 2017 and forward, but if you have an older machine, just contact us and we will custom design an AWAP for your machine!

Installation is easy and can be done in less than 10 minutes.  The only tools you need are two 7/16” wrenches. Slide the plate through the open slot past the spindle-head-shaft.
Install the four bolts, washers, nuts, and 5” caster swivel wheel (all included with pirchase of the AWAP) and it’s DONE!

With the third wheel installed on your walk-behind string trimmer:
_ You will find it much easier to maneuver and easier to control.
_ You will not be burdened by the weight of the machine.
_ You will cut grass and weeds more quickly and evenly with less effort.
_ The plastic protection guard and spin-cub on the trimmer will be shielded from damage.
_ The AWAP bolts under the machine frame and actually strengthens the whole unit.
_ You will feel much less fatigue, fewer aches and pains! You are going to like this!

The AWAP is precision made for superior function, durability, and appearance.
Our standard aluminum model: 24" high x 15" wide x 3/16" thick - Can be installed on tese brands/models below:
Remington, Cub Cadet, Dirty Hand Tool, Southland, Field Edge/Earth Quake, Dr Trimmer, Swisher, Grillo, Generac, Cobra, Troy Built, Echo Bear, Powermate, Yard-Man, Yard Machines, Husqvarna,Craftsman, Poulan Pro, Huyndai, Sarlo, Maxxim, Snapper,
A 27” aluminum model is also available for the following brands below:
Remington, Cub Cadet, Dirty Hand Tool, Southland, Field Edge/Earth Quake, Dr Trimmer, Swisher, Grillo, Generac, Cobra, Troy Built, Echo Bear, Powermate, Yard-Man, Yard Machines
Contact us to special-order for any of the above models: in stainless steel, steel and plexiglass. Plates with thickness greater than 3/16”

All these brands/models which we are showing are manufacture in 2018.
For walk-behind trimmers manufactured before 2017 please contact us .

To order your AWAP or for additional information contact us at: (760) 223-2408 or emails us at.awesometools@gmail.com

Your order will be shipped in Two Packages (see left photo above) USPS Priority 2 to 3 business days with tracking numbers

US Patent filed on Jun 22nd. 2017 - Pending Status.



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