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Walk behind string trimmers generally used to clear grass from lawns, gardens and other grassy areas. It can also multi-task to help you in receiving a lot of work done without purchasing a number of machines. You would believe using a trimmer would be easy, you merely hover over the subject of grass that you wish to cut and let it do the job, but this is rarely the ideal method and may cause scalping. Normally, gas-powered trimmers are somewhat more powerful and might be more effective at tackling significant weeds and tall grass development. Walk-behind trimmers are like a push lawn mower.
Corded string trimmers can be less difficult to maneuver, and an excellent alternative for lighter duty landscaping tasks.
If you're looking for more comfort in order to clear grass from ground, then you will feel pleasure to know about the Awesome Wheel. 
Now perhaps you can discover the perfect Snapper string trimmer for your requirements.


Awesome wheel is an Attachment Plate that can attach with any walk behind series string trimmer machines.
The Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate comes with a 5" caster detachable swivel wheel installed, and set of bolts, lock-nuts, washers.
Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate is Custom Made for all walk behind trimmer machines.
You are going to love the Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate. You'll enjoy your walk behind trimmer machine like never before.
We produce The Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate on our CNC so they look so beautiful and professional.
We offer 2 sizes as below:

  • 18" height x 16" wide x 3/16" thick
    Fit on Husqvarna, Craftsman, Poulan Pro, Huyndai, Sarlo
  • 24" height x 16" wide x 3/16" thick
    Fit on the Remington, Cub Cadet, Dirty Hand Tool, Southland, Field Edge/Earth Quake, Dr Trimmer, Swisher, Grillo, Generac, Cobra, Troy Built, Echo Bear, Power Mate.
  • Available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel and PlexiGlass, we also offer thicker than 3/16". Just contact us.

Advantages of Awesome Wheel Attachment:

Following are advantages of Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate.    

1.     To clear bigger areas, a walk-behind trimmer attachment can supply a more efficient alternative.
    It is easier and more pleasing to use your walk behind trimmer machine with Wonderful Deluxe Plate set up.
     Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate allows you to cut much faster and evenly.
     While working with Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate, you feel much less pain on your body.
    It helps to reduce the effort to control the machine during trimming.
    Landscape companies are so pleased with our Awesome Wheel, because it saves a lot of their time, and they get more work done than ever before.
    Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate prevent the workers with extra pain and fatigue.
    It is also helpful in saving the money of companies as they feel freedom to cut bigger areas with same amount of time.
    There are more than 16 distinct manufacturers producing these machines. Our Awesome Wheel can be attached with all walk behind trimmers of any brand.
10.  Walk behind trimmer can be comfortably portable when attached with our Awesome Wheel Attchment Plate.

Difficulties of Using Trimmer without Awesome Wheel: 

It has seen that while working with walk behind trimmer without Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate, the user faces a lot of difficulties. The major problem is that, the user has to constantly balance the machine because it only rides on two big wheels. Without the Awesome Wheel, you have to constantly push down on the handle to raise the spin-cup up above the ground.

Therefore it consumes a lot of energy of the user and sadly you have to know that, this is the only way for you to be able to move the machine, either forward or backward while trimming. Due to carry the whole weight only at two wheels in walk behind trimmer without Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate, the user become early tired. So after a while, he/she just don't want to trim any more. Walk Behind Trimmer Companies: Our Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate can be easily attached with all brands that are manufacturing these machines.

They include Ariens, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Echo Bear, DR Trimmer, Cub Cadet, Field Edge, Southland, Sarlo, Dirty Hand Tool, Remington, Poulan Pro, Grillo HWT550, Generac, Swisher, Cobra, Hyundai and Power Mate. There are a few more and we are trying to get our hands on them.

Attachment Method:

For your convenience and to easily understand the attachment method, videos and Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate photos are also available at our website. After watching videos, you can attach Awesome Wheel with any of your walk behind trimmer with no trouble and enjoy the pleasure of easy work done in less time without getting frustrate.

Some More Walk behind Trimmer Attachments:

Tap-and-go heads are definitely the most popular selection. In such situations, the simpler heads result in less downtime, despite the fact that they aren't as efficient to operate. After a time, you merely don't wish to trim any longer. The ideal time to utilize this tool is when you get a sizable subject of brush to clear, as it makes the work simpler and faster than if you attempt to do it using hand tools or other less powerful approaches. With so many excellent choices readily available, finding one to fit your needs won't be an issue.

You will be able to receive a sense of the equipment's quality and simplicity of usage. My dream of residing in a condo surrounded by concrete hasn't yet been fulfilled. Make sure that the blade you select is suitable for the size and power of the trimmer. The size of your lawn and the thickness of your weeds play an immense part in deciding upon a trimmer. Check and double check your diagonals are precisely the exact same in length. Its gearbox reduces weight at the very attachment in contrast to the former model to supply easier handling and less fatigue. Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate is so simple, it enables you to cut much faster and evenly.

bladeThe straight shaft features durability and the bike-handle design gives comfort and maneuverability when employing the equipment for lengthy amounts of time. A little blade on the bottom of the debris shield then cuts the close of the string to the appropriate length.
An excellent brush cutter that has vibration dampening will lessen this effect and make it even more comfortable to utilize for longer amounts of time.

These machines have bigger engines than most single-function power equipment, and they are able to accept a wide selection of attachments, permitting you to get and maintain just one high-quality engine to do a selection of tasks. You also need to constantly balance the machine since it only rides on two major wheels. Suppliers market a number of string types. A minimum of one manufacturer provides a system that assists you to create a straight edge utilizing string.

You'll discover several accessories in the marketplace for a number of functions. There are additional attachments to this machine too, which makes it useful all year round for assorted projects. Thus, it might be more practical to use interchangeable attachments than a lot of people imagine. There are also various attachments that it is possible to get to create the brush cutter good for all of your trimming, thinning and clearing work, year round.
We offer custom attachment plate in two sizes included 5" caster swivel wheel, set of bolts,lock-nuts, washers.
24" height --- 16" width --- 3/16" thickness. This attachment plate size will fit on all below brands/models
Ariens, Echo Bear, DR Trimmer, Cub Cadet, Field Edge, Southland, Sarlo, Dirty Hand Tool, Remington, Grillo HWT550, Generac, Swisher,
18" height --- 16" width - 3/16" thickness. This attachment plate size will fit on all below brands/models
Husqvarna, Craftsman, Poulan Pro, Cobra, Hyundai.
Contact us if you would like the attachment plate to be thicker, also in Steel or Stainless Steel or PlexiGlass

US Patent filed on Jun 22nd. 2017 - Pending Status.   

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